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Gas Damage

Dwight Varnes wrote:

>Here is what you're entitled too, nothing more, nothing less: Your car 
returned to the condition it was in before the incident. If this cannot 
be accomplished, they should declare your car a total loss and pay you 
the market value for it prior to the incident.<

I agree regarding the car, but being doused with gas is a medical issue.

>Leave your lawyer out of it. All you'll do is spend more money than 
you'll probably get.< 

Consulting with an attorney usually doesn't cost anything.  If you are
concerned about possible health effects, I wouldn't deal with 7-11 without
a lawyer present.

>Unless you were physically injured, a lawyer won't be a benefit.<

Yes, but how will he know?  It could take years to find out.  Even if
something comes up, the oil companies will deny that the health problems
are caused by their product.  Look what happened to the people exposed to
Agent Orange.

> "Think about how your life has changed"...what the heck 
does that mean? <

That means look at the time and effort you put into this situation.
Consider any possible health implications.  How have you suffered?  Can you
find another car that is just as good?  How much trouble will that be?

>Remember, it's all about putting your car back to the way it was before. 
That's all.<

That's all 7-11 wants it to be about.

BTW - I once had my car totaled after a drunk teenager in a pickup ran a
red light.  The damage appraiser tried to give me wholesale book value on
the car.  I held out by getting statements from 3 dealers as to the
replacement cost of the car and I ended up getting $7000 more than the
appraiser wanted to give me.