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Re: The god MEL

In a message dated 97-03-20 16:03:35 EST, you write:

<< I read with great illumination the following:
 > From: Flexx944@aol.com
 > Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 19:56:57 -0500 (EST)
 > Subject: Re: towing with a turbo audi?
 > Let me get this straight.  You want to buy a TQ and are curious about its
 > towing capacity.  I have a better idea.  First get off this mailing list.
 >  Second forget about buying an Audi. (German Driving Machine)  Third get a
 > copy of Billy Bob's Truck Search and buy a friggin pickup.  If I see the
 > words Audi and towing in the same sentence again I cannot be held
 > for my cars actions.  Don't blame me when you get run over by a light blue
 > 100Q, sometimes these cars just take off.
 > Mel
 > 89 944S 
 > 89 100Q
 > 72 Chevelle Convertible (my Bebe)  
 I now see it all.  I have transgressed the wishes of the great god 
 MEL.  I am unclean.  I also have had thoughts of towing something 
 with an Audi!  Oh, grovel, grovel; great and unfailing, all-knowing 
 god MEL, who knows what is best for everyone, whose Audi use habits 
 are the ONLY habits, whose life is complete because he also owns a 
 1972 Chevelle, have mercy on me.  Forgive my impure thoughts.
 Grant us, oh MEL, in your infinite wisdom and unfailing correctness 
 of act and deed, absolution, for ever having had such a thought as to 
 tow anything with an Audi!  Especially, forgive us for having the 
 temerity to actually ask a question about such a topic on an internet 
 group which exists only to answer PRECISELY such questions!
 For that matter, oh MEL, while you're at it, get a CLUE.  Maybe if 
 you ask real nice, Unka Bart will share one with you - but I doubt 
 you'll like it.
 Snippy today, ain't I??
I forgive you my son, but something tells me you were being just a bit
sacastic.  By the way I prefer to be called Lord!