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RE: mount washington and trek musings

Sounds like a blast. Not to mention not as embarrassing as tooling up
the mountain in 1st gear, knees rattling...
-Ian Duff.
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>Subject:	mount washington and trek musings
>I was joking about the Mt Wash run guys.  (dunno if
>Bob was).  I don't have the experience, gear or (ahem)
>cojones to tool around up there at competitive speeds.
>I was nearly wetting my pants on my motorcycle, and that was
>uphill :)
>What might be more reasonable, expecially if we have enough people,
>is to hold an autocross somewhere at that time.  It also
>occurred to me that a set of staged events, somewhat like
>the One Lap of America, would allow lots of us to gather at
>different places, and provide a place for those who have time
>to travel to.
>Whaddya say?
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