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A4 squealing brakes update...

I took my 97 A4Q in for its first checkup at 4k miles to have a few
things adjusted.  One of the biggest annoyances was the squealing brakes
(rear?).  The noise particuarly irritated my wife, though I didn't find
it so bad having driven my Alfa Spider for many years with very
squeal-prone mettalic pads.  Anyhow, the service person called me and
gave me the standard diatribe very similar to what's listed in the FAQ
on Jet's A4 page, i.e. 

"The brake pads currently used by Audi are a semi-metallic type that are
supposed to last longer than conventional pads, but they do tend to

Having said that the service person did also mention that the pads tend
to 'build up' when used lightly over extended periods, thus making them
squeal prone.  'Build up' what, I asked?  No answer.  Anyhow, since my
less-aggressive driving wife is the primary driver of the car, and since
the brakes did not squeal when the car was new I took it upon myself to
properly 'exercise' the brakes.  I found a lonely road late at night and
performed three consecutive 60-0 panic type stops (my, the ABS works
nicely).  Voila, no more squeal!   Maybe the service advisor new what
she was talking about.  

Does anyone have any theories on why this 'abuse' of the braking system
may have solved my problem?   It reminds my of the famous 'Italian Tune
Up'(i.e rip around town and redline the motor a few times) prescribed
for years my mechanics to clear the plugs on fouling-prone Alfa and
Ferrari motors.  Crude, but effective.... :)