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Re: Towing with a TQ

So the towing saga continues...

What of towing a boat with the TQ? Specifically, the issues associated
with removing the boat from the water. Launching ramps vary tremendously
in pitch from site to site, and on the steeper ones I would be concerned
with the clutch whilst trying to yank my 3500 lb boat out of the water. 

How may out there have done much boat towing/launch/removal with their
Audis? Towing around streets is one thing (brakes, cooling, suspension
issues), but when *removing* a boat (somewhat full of water, gas, etc)
from the water what is a safe gross trailer weight limit with these

I just canít imagine removing my 3500 lb Boston Whaler with my Audi. It
certainly seems the clutch would be *grossly* overstressed in that

What is a safe limit for the boating application, considering the launch
ramp removal issues? 



91 200q
86 5ktq