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quattro wagon

I was a faithful q-lister most of '95-'96, but quit during a
prolonged business stay in Italy last October. (Sure, some of you
remember me!).  

Yesterday my '86 5000CD quat wagon was whacked by a fast sliding
Honda bike.  The 21 yr old is okay, his bike is toast, the Q may be
totalled, not sure yet.  We essentially drove over the bike after he
laid it down coming at us on a sharp turn. Sad!

Please email me directly if you know of another quat wagon for
sale.  I'm interested in a '91 200 Q wagon, or a '92 and up 100CS
Q wagon.  Prolly can't afford an S-4 wagon (were there any?),
definitely can't afford an S-6 wagon (know there out there).

An update on past enterprises:  The Audi Centre in Ingolstadt is
well worth the trip, the whole city is about 50% Audis.  Most
fairly new models... nice 90 and A4 wagons especially.  Autobahns
are fantastic.. nothing like'em in North America. Unfortunatley,
Audi Sport was closed during my brief stay.  Check it out, but
CALL first.

My 5000Q rally car is up and running.  In my first prorally, the
Calgary Winter Rally (March 1, 1997), on ice and compact snow, we
had fastest time on stage 1.  Either this scared the other, more
experienced guys, or it was a fluke, but they overcame my
inexperience eventually and we finished third overall.  Last
stage we were 2 seconds off the fastest, just to show we could
push it on stage 8.  

Proves this car is the surest bet for meeting the challenge of an
unknown, slippery road.  Fastest time, in these conditions, for
first time out car, driver and co-driver makes the point
clear enough.


Steve Barnes