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Re: Squeezin HP outta of a V6? (long)

Elliott Potter wrote:
> >
> >Anyone know how to squeeze more HP outta of a V6?  I've got a new
> >93 90 and was wonderin if this was at all possible.  I'd like
> >some modest gains, not just 5-10hp.  Maybe anywheres from 20-50....
> >There's talk of twin turbo charged V6 right?  Rumor, fact...?  What
> >about a 30 valve head?  Possible, plausible, give me more?
> >TIA!
> >Later!
> >Rob
> Well, I've put a fair amount of thought into this, and have decided that
> right now it's too expensive, but maybe sometime later.  I even broke it
> up into "stages", breaking up the purchase from one huge purchase into
> many huge purchases.  I'm hoping this way I can afford it sooner.
> Here's what I've been thinking:
> 1-
> -change from regular oil to synthetic oil.  I'm pleased with regular
> oil, but with some of the later mods high-temperature performance will
> become more important.  I'm putting this early because synthetic oil is
> generally thinner than regular oil, and this will give me time to make
> sure there are no leaks.
> -Throttle body upgrade.  This won't increase HP much, but will increase
> low-end torque, especially when used with a:
> -K&N cone filter.  More air into the mixture, to complement the added
> fuel from the throttle body.
> 2-
> -upgrade the wheels and tires.  The wheels/tires that came stock on the
> 93 90CS are narrow, and the tires are Goodyear Eagle GA's (H rated; the
> sidewalls turn to mush at about 85-90mph.)  I'm looking at those neat
> 5-spoke wheels on the A4.  Are those any wider?  Oh, I hope so...
> -probably get some bigger rotors/calipers if they'll fit (and if they're
> needed).  I like the size of the brakes on the 1.8T.  Are those the same
> size as the ones I have now?  If so, I'd probably get new pads since I
> need them anyway but leave everything else.
> 3-
> -exhaust system upgrade.  I like the stock exhaust system in the 90CS;
> it's quiet.  However, for performance sake and because of mods to come
> later, a higher-flowing system will probably be better.
> -30v heads.  I'm still not positive if this will work, but the only
> person who's said anything about this said that the bore and stroke are
> the same, so I'm hoping that this will be possible.  If not, oh well...
> 4-
> -put in some guages.  I don't know where, but I'd like to put in bar,
> oil pressure, and oil temp guages.  These again are for mods that come
> later.  I may get rid of the ashtray since I don't ever use it anyway
> and put them there?  Maybe the shifter will be in the way.  I'll see.
> -suspension mods.  Better shocks and springs will help handling a lot.
> 5-
> Here's where the 'future mods' are.  This is why I've got the exhaust,
> guages, synth oil, etc.
> -Turbocharger kit.  I'm thinking that this will fit, but it will be a
> tight squeeze.  I don't think two will fit; if they will I don't know
> where and I'm not about to get _that_ creative with my car...
> -Chip.  IA?  Hoppen?  TAP?  I'm leaning heavily towards IA but gawd,
> it's expensive!  Also I don't know if he'll make a chip that will work
> with all of this.
> -I've always wanted to have an S4, so probably I'll go searching through
> parking lots until I find one and swipe the badges (just kidding).
> Anyway, I have absolutely no hope of affording any of this right now,
> but if someone else wants to do it and tell me how it works, I'd be
> happy.
> Also, if anyone has any other suggestions I'm open.
> ElliottThere is a rally Audi 90 out there in New York Citty. That has twin turbo 
V6 with custom injection and adjustable boost control. I heard it is very 
poweful (well over 300hp)and properly done with custom intake manifold, 
intercoolers and low compression pistons. I don't know the costs envolved 
or wheather it can be used for street or why even bother building it for 
street use, but it exists and it ran a rally in Michigan this winter.