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Re: Cruise off at bumps (check what?)

Robert Paul Andrews wrote:
> WEll after the dealer replacing my cruise switch for free, they thought
> they fixed my cruise.  Wrong.  IT only works a portion of the time now
> and seems to work more/less if I go over bumps then set it.  Any ideas?
> BTW-car is a 93 90.
> TIA!
> ROb

Well, If you'd have searched the archives...

Anyway, I had the same problem,though I did not pinpoint it as well as you. IF you have an auto trans, and the 
system is similar to that of the 5k, start at the shifter. There is a switch that the contact bridge goes over (is 
this the reverse-neutral safety switch?). Bumps jar the shifter ever-so-slightly, and interrupt the juice, 
thereby stopping your CC. I solved the problem with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush. Just cleaned the contacts 
really well and no problem. In the 5k a red/black (I think) wire (from the shifter) lets the CC unit know what 
gear it is in. Then again, if the systems are different, and you have a stick, this may be worthless. Then again, 
maybe I am an utter fool.

--Ted Harlan