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Re: Vernal Solstice

In a message dated 97-03-18 14:42:59 EST, one S.O.C. writes:

<< >The Ti reference to springs, though anecdotal, is
 >cost prohibitive amongst a few arguments against it's use. 
 Actually it's not. I've had custom springs wound out of Ti for some time.
 One should do more research before they start saying things like 
More light...
Ok, so the price is what?  From where?   Is this an "upgrade" for the
suspensions that have been purchased from an S.O.C. in St Louis?  What is the
upgrade cost?  Since one would have had to have these custom wound, is the
list to assume that one might have eliminated the need for custom spring
perches "spacers"?  If so, why?  If not, why not?  The advantages of Ti are
what vs spring steel?  Are these linear or progressive?  Can Ti be had in
either?  Why does one WANT Ti springs?   Did one make any other changes?
 What are the driving advantages on the 5ktq, speed, feel, faster lap?  

My research aside, the above post says nothing.  Substance would be more
appropriate, esp since there are a lot of folks on this list with a
potentially "substandard" suspension bought from the very lister making the
above statement.  Sounds like for a few dollars more, one could have the
"covetted" (?) Ti springs.

I will assume, based on the above claims and post, that this must be some
exclusive stuff.  Anyone else that might be able to shed some light on this
would certainly be welcome to post.  

The usual questions for interesting claims.

Scott Justusson, S.O.B.