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Re: Quattros help parents sleep??

Greg Spark wrote:
> I've got mixed feelings about youngsters having access to quattro.
> Having a structurally safe car such as an Audi is highly desirable, however
> I think that a teenager would use the quattro handling advantage to go
> faster rather than enjoy the safety envelope provided when driving well
> within the capabilities of the vehicle. I know I would have!

And probably so would kids today, but that's beside the point.

All I can do as a parent with a son who will be driving in a year and a
half, and a daughter who will be driving in about four years' time, is
try to instill in them appropriate behavior -- just like when they
learned at fairly tender ages how to use a VCR, videocamera, CD player,
desk and laptop computers, microwave oven, and so on.  They were given
the responsibility, and handled it.

I know, I know.  It's hard to crash a micowave oven into a tree at
90mph.  But if my kids are going to be motoring about, and that day is
fast approaching, I'd much prefer it be behind the wheel of a quattro
than a FWD Audi or RWD anything, for the many safety and handling
reasons of which q-listers are wll aware.  As it is, my son's first car
is likely to by my '92 100CSQW, presuming he earns the right to the