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BMW's & Boat Trailers..... Was: Why ?

<< In a message dated 97-03-21 12:03:52 EST, you write:
 <<  A flash of excitement comes across his face, and he
  points to an entry in the book and exclaims "Captain!".  In the
  next shot, a stream of BMWs comes driving off the freighter onto
  the ice, driven enthusiastically by the crew.
  It's a good commercial.  But it should've been an Audi commercial.
  It's clear that BMW is scared of Audi's comeback, and that their
  marketing is taking direct aim at Audi. And they're getting away
  with it. >>
 Picture this for the next Audi ad...
 The salvage company shows up with a 200Q and "TOWS" the ship
 out of the ice !!!
 Vince Lyons