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Intake mods...

Well gang, I had a fun afternoon of modifying my airbox.  To begin with I
removed the thermostat that regulates the airpassage between warm air from
the exhaust manifold shroud and cool air from behind the headlight.  I left
the flap open and routed a hose from the air box intake duct to behind the
turn signal.  I also opened up the front of the airbox and the right hand
side(against the inner fender).  I basically used my Dremel and removed
material between the molded in structural support members.  Needless to
say, by seat of the pants testing it is a hint faster. It is *A LOT*
louder!  IT sounds very mean..Lots of throaty induction noise!  As for
removing that thermostat flap deal, I can't see any downsides to it seeing
that K & N cone conversions in the 20v cars rid of this mechanism
entirely, any comments?  What was the purpose if this mechanism?
Next weekend:  Advance the cam a tooth and give the distributor a few
degree turn...

Brendan Rudack
Fenton, Michigan 

1988 90Q G60's, 2.5 cat back, modified airbox, coil-overs, other junk...

Making do with a NA motor....