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Re: what road to hoe(long but sweet)

> Since it looks like I might be in the market for a new engine, I thought I
> would ask for some advice from my fellow listers.  Anyway as I see it I have 4 options.
> 1:Find a cheap used stock engine for temporary use due to impending wedding(3
> weeks)
> This is probably the most practical but also might cost me some extra $$ in
> the long run.  The price of said engine should be less than 1000 and would get
> me back on the road quickly and reletively painlessly.  The problem with this
> is that I would dump say 750 on an engine that might be replaced in the next
> couple of years for a turbo.

I was just offered a 10v NA engine for $200. Methinks shopping around a 
bit would net you a cheap temporary engine. Heck, you can buy a whole 
Audi 5000 for less than $1000. I was offered one this past summer for 
$350. Beat up, primered, broken window motors, etc. but who cares when 
you need an engine. The balance can be parted out to the Q-listers :)
Seriously, I'm sure you could locate an engine for about $500 without too 
much trouble, allowing you to persue the turbo conversion as time and 
funds permit.