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Re: Monkey Lads Score Again

>  Qu> I always tell people DO NOT TAKE your car to place other than the 
>  Qu> dealership for repairs (if you can't do it yourself).
>      Worse advice I've heard on the list so far....unless of
>      course you enjoy paying $700 for tranny oil changes and
>      $2000 for brake jobs.  Most people would rather have
>      teeth pulled than take their cars to a dealer.  Independent
>      shops are not quickie oil change places.  The stories
>      you cite happening at quickie oil change places have nothing
>      to do with reputable independent mechanics, and even
>      equating independents with the Beavis's and Buttheads who
>      Still work for the oil change places is totally misleading.

The places I am talking about are Sears, Canadian Tire (in Canada), 
and all the other shops that do not specialize in Imports.  If you 
can find someone independent that's fine.  
They can be just as costly as the dealer and the chance of them 
ripping you off are greater.  
My sterpfather not listining to my advise took his car to an 
"reputable independent" mechanic for his clutch job.
He paid almost $2000 for the part and labour.  I ask what is his 
hourly rate?!  It would have cost him $1500 at the dealer. 
The dealership that I took my car to for alingment (don't have the 
machine at home being the only reason I went there) has done an 
excellent job. I know most of the people there and have few close 
friends.   I was by my car the whole time during the procedure just to see if 
anything is wrong (first ask the mechanic if he minds you breathing 
down his neck).  Get to know him.  Ask him questions.  You can learn 
few things at the same time.  
The best advise is do some research before taking your car anywhere.
See where you can get the parts at a lowest price.
See where you can get the best labour rate.
Talk to the mechanic.  See what kind of tools he uses (one place my 
friend went to used a hammer and a punch to take a bearing out of a 
hub "press? we do not have a press. we've been doin it like that for 
Ask what kind of warranty they provide.
Choose the best combo.
Better yet learn to work on your own car if you are a true car 
enthusiast.  It's not that hard.

Martin Pajak

1982 Coupe (440,000 km)
1984 4000s quattro (320,000 km under the wrench)
1970 Porsche 911E Targa (also under the wrench)

Who put my tools in the dishwasher?