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88 90 berake question


Cheers to Dave Weiss and Vince Lyons for their insightful help!
> > I went to replace the pads today and cannot get the piston to restract,
> > even if I open the bleeder hose or go so far as to remove the caliper
> > from the hydraulics entirely.
Dave said:
> Screw it (literally).  The rear pistons typically must be screwed
> clockwise while pushing.  It can take a number of turns before you see
> them start to move.  If there are two indentations across a diameter of
> the piston face, this is probably your setup.  There is a nifty tool
> that looks like a cube w/ pins sticking out that will help immensely. 
> Cost ranges from <$10 to $20, depending on brand and where you buy; many
> auto parts stores carry this.  It fits on a 3/8 drive; best way I've
> found is to put a 1/4 x 3/8 adapter on it, and run it w/ a 1/4-drive
> nutdriver handle.  I filed two of the pins _slightly_ to get a perfect
> fit.

Vince Said:

>Many calipers have pistons that thread back in.  "Sqeeze" back in is 
>usually not the case if the center of the piston has a hex for an
>allen wrench. 

A helpful hint for those doing brake-work...