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carb to injection?

I spent yesterday trying to sort out the erratic auto-choke on my 85 coupe
GT (unsuccesfully).Does anyone have any experience of converting the four
cylinder cars to fuel injection? The engine code is:DS,and I need to know
if I can get away with just a top-end job or would pulling the whole lump
be the only solution? 
  Also,I did the cam-belt last weekend,what genius used hex bolts on the
alternator/water-pump pulleys? Have these been replaced or is this factory

If it's anything like my 5-cyl (which the Haynes Manual tells me is
basically a 4-cyl 1600 bolck with an extra pot),  The injectors actually go
into the head, so unless you have screw out plugs, to be replaced with
injector sleves.  The reason I found this out is because I've been trying to
find out if I could convert mine from Injection to Carb, since I have been
having so many problems with the system. 

I think Phil Payne mentioned that the injection system needs an overhall
between 120k and 160k, so if you'd be looking around for a second hand
system, make sure it's after this overhall, or I expect you'll expreience
similar problems to myself.

If you do go to injection, don't forget the fuel pump, easily missed when
taking the manifold, airbox etc of the donor car.

I say replace the auto choke, and carry on driving, if this is all that is
wrong with it.

Good Luck,

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