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Go to dealer for repairs?

In message <Pine.SUN.3.91.970323131507.1821C-100000@indy4> Mann Law writes:

> 	Martin:  If you are happy at the dealership, good for you.  As 
> for me, I don't think making friends at the local dealership is in the 
> cards.  Long story.

Me too.  The local parts department (Autohaus in Wellingborough) is very good 
and helpful.  But the workshop just doesn't cut it, and mis-diagnosed my 
incipient turbo breakdown with effects nearly fatal to the engine.  I didn't 
appreciate having the inlet manifold full of metal shavings.  Other local 
dealers have shown similar incompetence in different areas.
We held the AGM of the UK quattro Owners Club today (the committee was re-
elected en masse) and it was noticable that the three main specialist dealers 
were present - Aelred of Dialynx, Brian of BR Motorsport and Adam of AM Cars.  
We also had a few beers and chatted over all sorts of issues like exhaust 
manifolds and oversize pistons for MB engines.  All in all - quite a good day.  
My impression was of fewer cars than last year, but the weather wasn't ideal.  
Perhaps 35?
Adam Marsden (AM Cars) has new telephone numbers - 01460 55001 (phone) and 
01460 55566 (fax).  Drop the leading zero and replace with 01144 from the USA. 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club