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Re: BMW Bashing

Mike Walder wrote:
> Still I don't think they are anyway as bad as the Fiesta XR2 drivers.  (for
> those in the US, this is a small hot-hatch made by Ford, and very common.
> It has a 1.6i engine, and the drivers all think that they have the fastest
> car on the road).
> Back in my pre-Audi days as a poor student, I drove a succession of 
US-spec 1.6L Fiestas. The last was a culmination of my efforts, and was 
easily the equal of the Mk1 XR2. I got perverse delight in watching the 
twin kidney grilles disappear from view in my mirrors on twisty roads. 
Nothing like an 1800lb car with fat tires and 100 or so HP.
I don't find BMWs a problem around here. Lately it seems to be women in 
sport utility vehicles who think they are Jaques Villeneuve.
I'd also like to note that the BMW club is one of the nicer ones I've 
found, and much more car oriented than say the Porsche Club of America. 
The PCA guys are a bunch of egomaniacs much more so than the BMWCCA guys 
who actually seem interested in driving and modifying their rides.
Around here all the Audi owners are too busy yakking on their cell phones 
to drive with any aplomb.
Just a 'nudder opinion.