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Gearbox problems on a 1988 90 Q

In message <199703241320.HAA03360@dfw-ix15.ix.netcom.com> Steve Manning writes:

> Ian - I'd go w/Phil's suggestion first about checking the gearbox oil level,
> although I'd take it one step further and change it.  17mm hex driver;
> loosen fill nut on left side of trans (passenger's side for you), then empty
> by unscrewing bottom drain plug (also 17mm).  Fill w/approx 3 quarts (US) of
> *synthetic* (I used Redline MT90 as recommended by Redline) until it oozes
> out.  Can't hurt, and will make shifting more pleasant especially if you've
> got some miles on the car (it made a big difference just recently in mine -
> *much* smoother shifting).

You're not supposed to drain out the gearbox at any time.  Which is odd, 
because the stuff I got out when I drained mine was so revolting!  Perhaps Audi 
just doesn't want you to see how bad it gets?  
I did mine at about 100k, and there was a distinct improvement.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club