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Re: 86 4k Headlight Switch

> Having already replaced my hl switch once on my 854k, I noticed
> something. Has anyone evr felt how hot that thing got after about 30
> min of use? Was just wonderign if this is normal or not...
Yes, the full current of the high beams is switched through the column 
switch.  This means that if you have high-power highs the problem will 
be that much more acute.  If the switches are a typical failure item 
then I'd recommend going to load reduction relays ... this will give
the added benefit of higher voltage as well.  

I really wish that Audi kept the same design that they used in my 1978
Fox ... which has a latching relay for the high beams.  When you 
pull back on the turn signal stalk it would switch the relay to high
beam mode, pulling back again switches them back to low.  I wanted to
see if I could simply replace the high-beam relay in the '83 qtc to 
use the Fox's relay ... and then found that there was no such relay 
on the '83!  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)