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Re: no clutch!

> From: Dr. Manuel Castillo <castillo@caries.dental.mu.edu>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: no clutch!
> Date: Monday, March 24, 1997 1:27 AM
> Mike:
> I had a similar situation with my old 84 4KSq My clutch pedal went down
> would not come up by itself. I had to pull the pedal up to have some
> pressure when I would press the clutch. Anyway to make the story short,
> was the master cylinder. Went out to a parts store and bought a rebuild
> kit, @$10. I diconnected the master Cylinder took it apart , cleaned it
> placed the new washers/seals. There was one that had cracked. Problem
> solved.
> Manuel.
> Funny, my pedal comes back up after I press it down but it feels like
there is
no resistance. I've checked both the master and slave cyllinders (even
pulled the
slave out of the tranny) . No leaks! Would I see fluid if the seals were
bad? I just 
hope that it's not the clutch lever or release bearing! When my wife gets
home I'll 
have her depress the clutch pedal and see if the slave moves.