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ur-q/Coupe Removing Trim

     The car ('83 ur-q) should be receiving a new paint job in April to 
     this end I need to remove the last few parts of trim. Rather than 
     using my traditional method of removing parts (brute force and 
     ignorance) I thought I'd consult the group's collective wisdom. 
     Although the car is an ur-q I'm fairly certain the trim is the same on 
     First the rear window water squirter, does this snap, twist off or is 
     it accessed from inside the car?
     Second, the trim surrounding the outside of the door windows. I've 
     removed the two screw thingies attaching the bottom horizontal 
     section. Do I just pry this and the other bits off? The Bentley talks 
     about using a plastic wedge?? (I think the people writing the Bentley 
     manuals had become very tired by the time they reached the Body and 
     Trim sections at the back of the manual?)
     Thanks and regards, Mike
     p.s. I hate breaking obscenely expensive bits of trim.