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Audi 86 CGT Horn


Just fixed the infamous squeaking steering wheel this weekend on my 86 CGT 
Comm Ed.  (horn spring vs. steering wheel metal ring...see archives).

After owning this car for 10+ years....why is it I just figured out you can 
activate the horn by pressing in on the steering wheel itself....not just 
the Audi rings in the middle???  Is this by design???  Listmembers?

Easiest to do if you have your hands on the 9 and 3 positions, much more 
difficult to do if you have your hands on the 10 and 2 positions.  I 
don't totally understand this feature....if you are about to slam into 
something, I don't think you would want your arms locked on the wheel so as 
to make the horn go off....as the impact would likely break both your arms.  
Its handy if you just want to toot at someone and you are too lazy to take 
your hands off the wheel...but it really works only at the 9 and 3 
positions...and few of us drive like that.  So....I'm confused regarding 
the intent.  What is it?

Before y'all hassle me, yes I do know about the digital instrument cluster 
LCD controls (i.e. push in on dashlight dimmer switch to get only the 
speedo LCD to display...very cool at night!).


Rich Rutledge
86 CGT Comm. Edition