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Re: Monkey Lads Score Again

> In message <199703230019.TAA23376@rogerswave.ca> quattro@rogerswave.ca
> > > Moral:  don't ASSume anybody knows what he's doing. If you can't do
> > > yourself, find a competent guy (they do exist, although they ain't
> > > necessarily where you'd expect to find them) stay with him, and
> > > _pay_what_he's_worth_.
> > 
> > I always tell people DO NOT TAKE your car to place other than the 
> > dealership for repairs (if you can't do it yourself).
Then Phil said:

> I'm not sure that's any guarantee.  The loss of my first turbo must be
> attributed to the incompetence of at least three VAG dealerships.

My reputable Volkswagen/Audi dealer broke a tooth off my fly wheel, and
destroyed my distributor trying to resolve a non-starting problem.   (Which
turned out to be a fuel pump relay BTW).  CDN$1700.00 later I was sitting
down with my service manager trying to settle the matter.


86 5ktqw