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Re: 86 4k Headlight Switch

In a message dated 97-03-24 11:26:18 EST, you write:

<< here is an interesting test...
 Having already replaced my hl switch once on my 854k, I noticed
 something. Has anyone evr felt how hot that thing got after about 30
 min of use? Was just wonderign if this is normal or not...

If your not talking about bulb heat, ( check to see if the 
the multipin plug on the back of the switch is getting hot).

Assuming stock lights, or non-stock properly relayed...

You old one did a 3-mile-isle and your new one will too if you 
don't do something about the connetors in the multipin 
housing on the back of the switch. 

Clean-em, tighten-em, or replace-em but do it before 
the smoke leaks out of the wires. 
Current flow with a bad contact makes heat, 
heat makes resistance, 
more flow, 
more resistance, 
more heat, 
smoke leak,
smell bad, 
make dark !

Vince Lyons