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Re: BMW Bashing

I agree with Quentin.. "can't we all just get along?"

Besides, some of my greatest Audi experiences have come at the expense 
of BMW owners...Without Bimwers, we would limited to blowing away simple 
oVloVs, Acuras, Lexii, countless SUVs, and wanna-be-audi subis.  And 
without BMW showing the way to inexpensive teutonic horsepower, who 
knows? maybe current Audi would be alot like the circa 70s Fox?

Honestly, I think BMW bashers just don't appreciate the fun factor of 
the BMW rear-wheel drive theory. IMHO, more fun than the "safe" quattro 
in dry conditions.

There, I said it.  Am I banished from the q-list forever?