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Re: Some Solstice in the Weeds

>An interesting tidbit-- 50% of the _springy_ part of the spring is
>unsprung.  For applications w/ dead coils, the dead guys are just that
>much rigid metal most of the time (except in extreme rebound) and so are
>sprung if at the top, but unsprung if at the bottom.  This was pointed
>out by an ME who designed springs for a number of years before turning
>to more profitable ventures.  At the time, he was looking at the H&R's
>on the rear of the V8; they have the dead coils at the bottom.  Each
>spring is 8 lb, of which ~4 lb is dead coils-- thus 6 lb unsprung.  If
>at the top, it would be only 2 lb unsprung.

Which is EXACTLY Why Gas shocks were invented, Not for ride comfort, But 
because gas charging kept the oil where is supposed to be when you 
install the shock upside down to make the tube sprung and the piston 
unsprung.... And you were worried about several pounds Scott...........

People gotta remember in racing it's a game of OUNCES not pounds.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO