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Coy's International Historic Festival

I note that Silverstone Circuits Ltd have taken it upon themselves to mailshot 
those who attended last year's event with an Advance Booking Form.
Anyone who plans to bring their own car to the Club car park this year should 
_NOT_ use this form - the UK Club will be circulating its own form in the next 
newsletter, with provision for a Club parking pass to get to the trackside.  
As last year, tools and microfiche will be available in the Club car park and 
CO settings will cost a beer per car.  The Club car park will be twice as 
big this year - 50 spaces instead of 25.

(Tip: If you happen to be driving the only known factory yellow urq in 
      existence - don't block in the chairman's car. We all know who you are.)
Overseas visitors will be more than welcome, whether or not members of the UK 
Club.  The theme this year is: "50 Years of Ferrari" and for some reason best 
known to the organisers the UK quattro Owners Club has been placed in middle 
of the "Ferrari Village".
If you'd like more information - phone (011-44-1327-857273) or fax (011-44-1327-
320300) the Silverstone circuit.  The usual email fax trick works:

Send them a snail mail address and ask for details of accomodation.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club