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Bad starter

In message <> "J. Smethers" writes:

> I've been having trouble getting the 4K start lately.  I get a nice loud
> click from the solenoid, but it will not fire, altough sometimes it does.

I had the same symptom on a 1982 Audi 80CD.

I discovered that the thick copper braid connection between the switched 
terminal on the starter solenoid and the starter motor itself had corroded 
through.  Of itself, this was no great surprise - it's naked copper and open to 
everything floating about under the car.  Why the symptoms were intermittent is 
another issue, but they were.
Audi wanted GBP147 ($200) for a new motor.  I bought the shortest battery earth 
lead I could find (the braid is only about an inch long) and chopped it down.  
Fitting to the solenoid was a screw terminal issue - fitting to the motor 
involved sawing down into a crimped and soldered post, forcing the braid in, 
clamping it together _hard_ and then a heavy duty soldering job.  A few pence 
in materials and two hours labour.  I think I bodged a new grommet as well.
That was 40,000 miles before I sold the car, and I gather the repair is still 
So check the braid between the solenoid and the starter motor body proper.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club