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Re: 10V I-5s don't rev

I have had three 85-87 4KQS and they all pause at aprox. 5300 RPM. My 
latest 4KQ I put a 272 Deg. cam in. I have tried changing both the inital 
timing and the total with no effect on the "pause"
paul robertson

On Wed, 19 Mar 1997, Luis Marques wrote:

> > >>Congratulations, you have been a victim of a blundering incompetent 
> > >> Parts Counterperson ( I hope it wasn't me or any of my people ).<<
> > 
> > My experience (4 of 'em, all with factory FP relays) is that they
> > don;t rev freely over 5k, and yes, the sound changes.  All of 'em.
> Could it be that the camshaft timimg wasn't set correctly when the
> timing belt was done?  Put another way, could the engine be made more
> rev-happy by changing the camshaft timing?
> Luis