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Valve guide seals

In message <9703251922.AA39216@fluhr.austin.ibm.com> ejfluhr@austin.ibm.com (Fluhr) writes:

> My 2226cc I5 blows a nice puff of blue smoke when starting up in the morning.
> As I understand it, this is due to leaking valve guide oil seals.

Nurdge.  On a non-turbo - most probable cause.  On a turbo, the turbo oil 
seal.  But I agree - on a Coupe GT it's probably valve guide seals.

> Are these easily replaced with the head still in the engine?

Yup.  Piece of noddy for a properly equipped workshop - do it while the
kettle's boiling.
> As I have yet to do my timing belt/valve cover gasket job, I was wondering
> if it is worth the effort to pull the cam and lifters and replace the
> seals at the same time.  If so, what special tools are required?
> My father mentioned using the air compressor to keep the valves from falling
> into the combustion chamber.  Is this feasible?

Not only feasible, but the Audi recommended and best way to do it.  

> Is there any detriment to just leaving it as-is or benefit from changing
> the seals?  (aside from the knowledge that my engine leaks <sniffle> or
> doesn't)

Nah, not really.  The effect is mainly cosmetic.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club