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MacGuyver TSB - CV R&R

Application:  '87 5k fwd 135k
Project:  Replace R outer CV joint boot, ripped, rebuild CV joint
ET:  2 hours drive to drive, no removal of driveshaft necessary
Problem:  Retaining clip tabs on outer CV missing.  All indications are that
without the tabs, no removal.   Called 4 audi techs, and audi zone service.
 New driveshaft only remedy.  No, not considered rebuildable core.  New
driveshaft?  I don't think so Tim.
TSB:  Remove driveshaft without downpipe or heat shield removal.   2 Paper
clips straightened and pushed under retaining clip from both sides gives just
enough room for the retaining clip to clear the spline ridge.  R&R success.
 Install new boot, rebuild CV, install driveshaft.  
AT:  4.5 Hours

Scott Justusson