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Maintenance-free Audi!

	I figured out how to guarantee that your audi will be absolutel
maintenance-free!  Its quite simple really.  I drove all the way to
Buffalo and back this weekend with not a single problem or even the
slightest hiccup!  All you have to do is carry a toolbox in the trunk with
all the spare parts you think you might need.  :-)

No, this only guarantees that something you didn't carry the parts for goes

82 Audi 100 5E 2144cc inj (142k)
84 Mitsubishi Galant Turbo (96k and rusty)  
80 Rover 2600S SDI(46k yes, 46k and on head #5 or will be)
Of all these cars, only the Audi is still running... just!
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