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Re: Boge - Pro Gas v. Turbo Gas

>> Actually ALL boge's have a designed for ride height (Just like the Monroe 
>> Sens-a-Trac) and guess what?  All Boge's for the Audi are for the Stock 
>> ride height.
>What does it mean to be designed for a stock ride height, except that
>it would have equal amounts of travel in both bump and droop?  What
>happens if you use a Boge on a lowered car?

What happens when you use a Boge/Monroe Sens-a-Trac on a lowered car is 
you get a really weird force/velocity curve.  The B/MST dampers have a 
fairly stiff extreme travel and a "Comfort Zone" at stock ride height.  
This "Comfort Zone" is created by machining Bypass relief's into the 
damper tubes to allow a little more fluid to flow AROUND the valve stack 
rather than through it.  When you lower a car and install these dampers 
on it you are working BELOW the relief's in the "Aggressive" zone, when 
the strut extends (Rebounds) it can get into this "Comfort zone" and 
reduce the damping allowing the tire to "patter" over washboard surfaces 
doing really weird and horrible things....

This is one of the reason's that I suggest to people that they Purchase 
an engineered Kit and not go with a collection of parts picked out of a 
catalog because "I hear great things about this or that"

Hope that helps out.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO