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Re: Maintenance-free Audi!

In a message dated 97-03-25 15:59:39 EST, erickson@teleport.com (Gary G.
Erickson) writes:

<< I had all of the tools required to do the job, even had a spare alt.
 belt in the car.  What I didn't have was the alternator from the parts
 car that was sitting at home on the shelf.
 I have to draw the line somewhere, otherwise I'd find myself throwing
 the extra _engine_ that's in the garage, into the trunk of my GT. 
 Really causes a problem with cargo space!  <grin> >>

That simply brings up the question of why you don't tow the parts car behind
you.  Or did I just inadvertantly bring up the recently deceased towing

(You also must have some pretty big and sturdy shelves at home if you can
keep a parts car on them. Does the car go on a lower shelf for easier access,
a middle one to put it at eye level, or a higher one to get it out of the