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Supercharged 4.2 V8

G'day all

I've just got back from a quick spin in a supercharged V8.  What a beast!
Its supposed to run the 1/4 mile in 12sec, and it certainly feels like it
can. No Audi I've ever been in has produced anything like the sustained
grunt  this car has.

No other Audi sounds like this one either! The noise is incredible. At 3k
with the bonnet up, you wont be heard by the person next to you, at 6k in
second, the  scream of the supercharger has people in the cars your about
to pass turning around to see what the hell is coming.

The car is having its exhaust taken off this afternoon, with the headers
going to NZ to be "turbo coated". Got no idea what that means, but its not
ceramic coating coz the rest of the system is heading interstate to be
ceramic coated. Once the exhaust returns its out to the track for some
testing with a local chip tuner, you listening Fletch?