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Re: Those stupid BMWs...

At 02:17 PM 03/25/97 -0800, Arun Rao wrote:

>	But the moderation you urge is commendable.  In my
>	opinion, most cars have *some* feature worthy of admiration
>	and/or enthusiasm.  Being an enthusiast of a marque just
>	entails spending enough time with it (the folks on this list
>	sure do that in good measure!).
>	So I find that  I can share my neighbor's enthusiasm over
>	the dual carbs in his Mustang 350 just as much as that
>	of the kid down the street over his tricked out Honda Civic.
>	It just so happens that I'm into Audis now: it used to be
>	my '80 Fiesta and then a turbodiesel Volvo wagon  -- neat
>	cars in their own way.

Bravo!! Good post!! I agree... as the saying goes... "to each his own"!! A
guy that works for me (who happens to be older than me i.e. not a
high-school "kid") drives a 95 (or 96?) Camaro Z-28, and is as enthusiastic
(if not more) as I am about cars, driving, racing etc. He too subscribes to
a list, just like this one, that caters to f-body GM cars (i.e. Camaro and
Firebird). We often talk "shop", and share stories, and experience a common
bond that only "car guys" can and do, despite the fact that my Audi and his
Z-28 are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Yeah, car enthusiasts are enthusiasts to the core; I would almost bet that
if a single Yugo was the last car left standing on this earth, we'd all be
fighting for the chance to own it, drive it, modify it, brag about it, etc....

I too have gone through my phases, as I would bet we all have. I thought I
would only drive large American luxo-barges (i.e. Cadillac and Lincoln),
since I had a passion for them at one point in time. I never thought I'd
drive a FWD car, since I tend to favor RWD (oh, no, not that thread
again!!), but alas, I gave in to an '87 Pontiac Bonneville. Until I drove
the Audi, I was still not convinced. I just did not like FWD. However, once
I drove the Audi, I can proudly say that FWD is not all that bad (as long as
it is an Audi FWD!!).

Hmm.... I wonder.... if I buy an S4/S6, will I EVER have a passion for
anything else?? Will that be my last *phase*??

Which brings up the question: Once you get hooked on Audi, and especially
the quattro system, do you EVER consider anything else? Am I hooked now, for

                             Jim Griffin
                        Maryland, USA
   "Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                               '92 100S