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Fwd: Boge - Pro Gas v. Turbo Gas

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Subj:    Re: Boge - Pro Gas v. Turbo Gas
Date:    97-03-26 09:14:04 EST
From:    QSHIPQ
To:      bhowell@rmi.net

In a message dated 97-03-26 03:07:51 EST, you write:

<<   Oh WOW!!! Where could I ever find such a miracle "kit". You know, "I
 hear great things about it".
 > Hope that helps out.
  Not really. Details please. What are the specs of this AWSOME kit? What
 shocks? What spring rates? Who makes the springs? How much? Funny, it
 seems to me that I recall it being a "collection of parts". I thought that
 was bad thing? 
Ditto these questions.  And first a proper disclaimer might be in order.
 Sport Wheels will give out not only spring rates, but shock rates as well.
 What is the mystery here?  

By definition the St Louiy kit is a "collection of parts," engineered might
need to be clarified.  Ned claims that he does computer mods.  That infers
EPROM.  Here I see an inference of engineered suspension and NOT a collection
of parts.  What EXACTLY is engineered and how.  

Do your homework folks, lots are willing to share specifics on their
engineering.  Not sharing that information might cause reason for MORE
questions.  Always has from my pentium.

Scott Justusson, S.O.B. 
87 5ktqRS2 + mods, by definition, a collection of parts, some engineered some
87 5ktqw + ""
84 Urq + ""