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Re: Stealing steel

>	I don't understand why your prices are this high.  I pay 30 
>cents/pound for steel at my local steel yard.   If I buy in any quantity, 
>he'll go down to 15 cents/pound.   This is for square tubing, round 
>tubing, flat stock, etc.   He charges 1.50/pound for aluminum.   The 
>catch is that the material is cutoffs from his big steel shops (ALRO 
>Steel) but, you can always find long pieces (8-10feet) of any size you 
>want.   I can't imagine that the uncut material would be alot more, and I 
>certainly cant believe that steel ingots would be more since they are 
>virtually unprocessed.

High grade Mil-spec From the mill.  That's from the last Materials List 
on the T/A car.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO