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Reverse engineering schematics

By popular demand (!) the name and address of the company that takes black
boxes and returns schematics is:

Bomarc Services
PO Box 1113
Casper, WY 82602


email: Rollo@trib.com

They've been advertising in Nuts & Volts magazine for years and years.

I sent these guys (names are "Rollo" and "Blob", no less) a flashing beacon
controller (top of tailfin) from a Cessna - completely potted in epoxy -
solid as a brick - and two weeks later, I had a schematic!!!

Policy used to be "If we don't have it in our library, we'll do it free, if
we don't want it, nominal charge." This may have changed. He has already
asked for a 5k climate control box from me (anyone have one???) - it comes
back intact!

No affiliation, but excellent experience with them.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman