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Re: 4-door M3 (was Re: BMW Bashing) -Reply

At 11:02 AM 3/26/97 -0500, Flexx944@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 97-03-26 02:14:07 EST, you write:
><< The driver is more often of Asian descent. This is in keeping with
> the vast quantities of Honda's etc with dress-up kits and motorsport
> stickers with not even a VTEC engine. To some I guess image is
> everything, performance is nothing.
>  >>
>To whoever cares,
>I found it interesting that many people on this list were incensed when I
>kiddingly harrased one of its members because of asking a question about the
>towing capacities of Audi's.  I received at least 20 angry responses.  After
>explaining that it was a joke many still found it neccessary to express their
>Yet a comment like the one above goes uncontested.  I found that


The difference (as I see it) is that Andrew reported an observation of fact
compared to your apparent personal attack on a fellow lister.  That you
intended otherwise did not come thru in your post.  As often pointed out
here (and in cyber-anything) demeanor does not come thru email.  

As one of Asian descent, I find nothing wrong with Andrew's
description--from my own observations, it is accurate and replicated here on
the Left Coast of the US! (and probably elsewhere too).  BTW Andrew, down
under, do they also try to dispaly the biggest possible exhaust tip on their
puny orignal exhaust system?  :)

I find it most amusing to see Neuspeed windscreen banners all over Hondas
and the like years after their products were available for water cooled VWs!
(from a business perspective, it just means Mr Neumann has figured out where
the bigger market is).  The most frustrating thing is wondering why, when I
was these kid's age (and I'm only 35), I couldn't afford much more than a
bone-stock '77 Rabbit (Golf).  Where do they get their $$?

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