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RE: Those stupid BMWs...

In a note dated 3/25/97 you write:

<<The current 6 and 8 cylinders all have timing chains.  I'm not sure about
the 4 cylinder. It seems that many new engine designs are going back to
chains since people seem to forget to change belts.  I wonder if Audi plans
to follow this trend?>>

I'll admit to knowing little about current bimmer designs...but older ones I
know very well as I once apprenticed at a bimmer dealer, my first car was a
'70 1600, and I have owned and worked on countless others in my younger
pre-Porsche/Audi days. IME(xperience), the timing chains, tensioners, and
rails of those (I4 and I6) wmb motors didn't last any longer than timing
belts and water pumps in Audi NA I5's...the big difference being cost of
repair and replacement!!! In other words, chains loose. As an aside, what was
the achilies heel of the venerable 911 flat 6 before 1984??? Yup, timing
chains, tensioners, and ramps...only took 20+ years to figgur that one out.
Timing chains are great for motors which have a life expectancy of <100k
miles, but when economical longevity is an issue I'd much rather do (or pay
to have done) belts than chains and all the associated stuff that goes with
'em (with exception of 944 belts which require that super pricey tension

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (timing belt and h2o pump just done...no worries there)