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Boge and ride height

Our story so far,

>> Actually ALL boge's have a designed for ride height (Just like the Monroe 
>> Sens-a-Trac) and guess what?  All Boge's for the Audi are for the Stock 
>> ride height.

>What does it mean to be designed for a stock ride height, except that
>it would have equal amounts of travel in both bump and droop?  What
>happens if you use a Boge on a lowered car?

(1) On turbo-gas a lowered car should have little effect, **but**
(1a) a lowered pring must be stiffer, and a stiffer spring needs a stiffer 
shock to damp it

(2) On pro-gas the damping rises with "displacement" from center.  If you start 
center you have very strange valving (e.g.: it would be decreasing damping vs. 
amplitude on
compression and increasing on rebound, or do I have it backwards.  No matter, 
its a bad idea
either way).