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Volvo in movie (wasRE: Something to hate about BMW & Volvo (and 4 door M3))

I don't fault Volvo cause the Saint drove one in the TV show.  The Bond people 
sold out and had BMW replace the Aston MArtin.  THAT is shameless
Jon Linkov

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I just saw a shameless Volvo commercial for their new coupe that is in the
movie "the Saint", just as shameless as the BMW Z3/James Bond commercials.
 This is REALLY CHEESEY in my book.  I get so annoyed about commercialism
like this!

Yet, if Audi was smart enough to do this, I would cheer them on! (double
standard, yes!).  Audi did this somewhat when they donated the Audis for the
bond flick "The Living Daylights", but Audi did not run commercials in
conjunction with the movie like BMW/Volvo.
Now, the M3:
Nothing against BMW in general, I love the M3, and would buy one in a heart
beat if I had the $......but the 4 door M3, no thanks!  The M3 also can be
had with an auto tranny- big mistake, they are watering down a legend!  The
M3 should stay a 2 door manual only!  This would keep M3s from falling into
wimpy hands; people who buy it for status and can't appriciate the car's

Also, don't you think it's disgraceful that Audi still doesn't have a
succesor to the Coupe Quattro.  This company is what it is today thanks to a
2 door all wheel drive sports car....and they gave up after the S2 (the real
successor to the UrQ.).  There is going to be a convertable A4 in a couple of
years I read, so, why not a coupe!?!?!?!?!?

OK, enough from me.......
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