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Re: Something to hate about BMW & Volvo (and 4 door M3)

> Nothing against BMW in general, I love the M3, and would buy one in a heart
> beat if I had the $......but the 4 door M3, no thanks!  The M3 also can be
> had with an auto tranny- big mistake, they are watering down a legend!  The
> M3 should stay a 2 door manual only!  This would keep M3s from falling into
> wimpy hands; people who buy it for status and can't appriciate the car's
> performance.

But BMW's ultimate goal is not to deliver quality cars to people who
appreciate them.  Their goal is to make a profit.

And this is, in fact, a good thing, because higher volume keeps prices
low.  Ask a Quattro owner about the costs of ideological purity.
['86 Coupe GT]