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THANKS: '87 5K CS TQ CHECK ENGINE light?!?!?!

Dave Head wrote:

> Try turning the distrib a tad one way and try, then the other.

It worked!!!  I moved it about 1/8" and it corrected the 2113 error
fault for the Hall
sensor!  My car still had the riveted-on 'factory seal' which covered
the nut for 
the distributor adjustment.  Can you believe my distributor hadn't been
adjusted from
the factory, 10 years and 98k miles ago?

> > where to find the
> >Intake air sensor, etc.
> >
> Intake air sensor is on the outlet of the intercooler as it goes to the
> throttle body - usually a solder joint goes there under the rubber boot.

Have found the sensor, but have been unable to find a wire break.  Still
get the
2322 fault code. But my engine check light is no longer flashing at me
:)  I'll look
again tommorrow for a faulty wire.

Also, while under the bonnet tonight discovered a broken rubber T
shaped  hose coming 
from the top of the valve cover.   It was split and if I held it open,
the idle would
falter.  I'm garaging the Q until I get a replacement hose.

Hope I can find the source of the 2322 fault.

Thanks for all the help everyone!!!