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Re. Something to hate about BMW & Volvo (and 4 door M3)

What you're essentially saying is that BMW should not try to make as
much money back on its investment in the M3 platform (engine,
suspension, body parts etc.) as they can then.

I fail to see how that can possibly be a good thing for anybody. The
more money they get out of a given model the more likely they are to
continue development and keep it in the lineup. IMO, the reason we're
not getting the hottest Audis here in the States is partially a wrongful
perception by AoA and/or Audi AG that they wouldn't sell here. The more
that can be proven wrong, in whatever form, the better and the more
likely it is that we'll get the hot models.

On a different note, with a 17-month old I don't want a 2-door car. It's
too much hassle to get him in and out of the front doors. As a matter of
fact, I really appreciate a wagon to be able to haul whatever (tons of)
stuff I like to carry around with me. Audi (or BMW for that matter)
doesn't currently have anything in its lineup that fits the bill, so
we're off to buy a Volvo. If there had been a current A4 Avant (or an S4
Avant :-) or maybe an M3 Touring, we'd probably have bought one of
those. Now we're in a hot Volvo instead. How's that better for Audi or
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From: RELAYER@aol.com
Nothing against BMW in general, I love the M3, and would buy one in a
beat if I had the $......but the 4 door M3, no thanks!  The M3 also can
had with an auto tranny- big mistake, they are watering down a legend!
M3 should stay a 2 door manual only!  This would keep M3s from falling
wimpy hands; people who buy it for status and can't appriciate the car's