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Re: Steering Wheel Alignment

In a message dated 97-03-26 19:22:46 EST, you write:

 The steering wheel in my 200 is mis-aligned, so that when the wheels are 
 straight, the steering wheel is pointed at about 11 o'clock. This is 
 obviously annoying. Any thoughts on how this got this way and how to fix 

 You hit a pothole with your left wheel... 
 Find that same hole... Hit it at same speed in reverse.


All seriousness aside... 

The wheel is centered as part of the alignment, when camber changes,
toe changes, so, the steering wheel center changes. 

On cars with two adjustable tie rods you lock the wheel in position 
with the box or rack centered, same number of turns to each lock.
then you adjust toe on both sides.

Most Audis only have one adjustable tie rod so you might have to 
pull the wheel and move it a notch.

Hence, the wheel needs to be positioned because either it needs
an alignment, or... because it just had one and no one centered it
when they were finished.

Vince Lyons