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Re: Turbo Checking

In a message dated 97-03-26 21:51:12 EST, you write:

> Remove hose from Turbo intake, grab hold of the fixing bolt in the centre
> the compressor, and try to move it to see if there is any play.  A small
> amount of play is ok, but when it really starts to move, you know you will
 >be having problems.
 >>>>>>  Specifically, anything more than .008 is considered "out of spec"...
 Beyond that the cold side wheel will start to grind the housing.  The sign
is grey slimy material (ground aluminum and oil mix) in the turbo to IC hose

 >Also, a sign of a turbo going is a coating of oil around the hoses from the
>turbo to the manifould.
>>>>>>>  Hmmmm  not sure on this one.  Turbos will start to lose some
pressure and start making noise as the bearings get too much play in them.
 The audi turbos are a wet pcv system, all the hoses should have oil in them.
  The best thing is to ck radial play.  That really is the telltale sign.
 Anything else is a net RESULT of the radial play problem (oil blowby,
grinding, etc).


 Hope this helps y'all,