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On Thu, 27 Mar 1997 Paul_Royal@idx.com wrote:
> >>  The difference between the stock airbox and the cone filter....SOUND.
> the cone filters >>are obnoxiously loud, with obviously no results.  Stick
> with the stock boxes...it'll do >>your Audi good...
> Kwattro
> So, are you saying to not even modify the stock box?
> Royal

Paul, as Mr. Tipton just posted and as I just discovered, modifying the
airbox doesn't make any noticable difference in performance.  However,  it
does make you *believe* you have a fast car with all the new intake noise
that is produced.  I have been driving with this mod (drilled box,
"disabled" thermostatically controlled intake vent, and 3 inch dryer hose
from behind headlight/turnsignal to airbox inlet) for a few days now and I
actually feel like it hurt the top end performance.  Furthermore, I tried
driving around with the filter and lower airbox removed and felt no change
as well.  IMO, the airbox mods just make a weak car more noticable so the
average Chebby full size truck owner with the gun rack can show you what a
'Merican V8 can really do....  Let's just say I felt like an ass....until
the freeway on-ramp ofcourse. :-)

Brendan Rudack

Fenton, Michigan 

1988 90Q G60's, 2.5 cat back, coil-overs, other junk...
(needs a turbo...and a bumper!)